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Kooxda Kubada Gacanta Ee Dahab Shiil


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  • Kyrie Irving says NBA should 'take a look' at Zaza Pachulia after incident with Russell Westbrook After Zaza Pachulia fell on Russell Westbrook's legs during a game on Saturday, NBA fans speculated that it appeared to be another example of dirty play from the Golden State Warriors forward. Celtics guard Kyrie Irving seemed to agree with[…]

  • Sixers seek longest winning streak since 2003 The last time the Philadelphia 76ers won eight consecutive games, Larry Brown was coaching Allen Iverson on a team who was two years removed from an NBA Finals appearance. Joel Embiid was a nine-year-old in Cameroon and Ben Simmons was[…]

  • Can Dejounte Murray be the next great Spur? Michael C. Wright ESPN Staff Writer Close Joined ESPN in 2010 Previously covered Bears for Played college football at West Texas A&M Follow on Twitter SAN ANTONIO -- Nicknamed "Baby Boy," second-year San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray presides[…]

  • Kurtenbach: Why I don't think Zaza Pachulia intentionally fell on Russell Westbrook My verdict is in: Zaza Pachulia didn't intentionally fall on Russell Westbrook. Now the Oklahoma City guard and the NBA's reigning MVP wants you to believe that Pachulia, who has a reputation for being a dirty player, deliberately fell on[…]

  • Dose: Lillard Time Tommy Beer recaps another Damian Lillard game-winner, a dominant effort from Joel Embiid and Kyrie Irving's brilliant all-around performance.


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  • Skriniar to frustrate Man Utd & Real Madrid by spending 'many years' at Inter Despite reports linking him with several other clubs, with Barcelona also keen, the highly-rated defender is planning to stay at the San Siro

  • Spurs star Kane matches Drogba record while reaching 150 club goals The Tottenham talisman was on target again in a meeting with Crystal Palace and now has as many London derby efforts to his name as a Chelsea legend

  • Arsenal v Manchester City Betting Tips: Aubameyang to steal the show ahead of Aguero at Wembley Although Aguero is an understandable favourite given his strong record against the Gunners, Al Hain-Cole is backing the former Dortmund man to fire

  • Salah, Mane and Firmino earn 'unbelievable' praise from Liverpool colleague Can The Reds' fearsome attacking unit has been in dazzling form of late, with impressed team-mates at Anfield among those quick to sing their praises

  • Crystal Palace 0 Tottenham 1: Late Kane header snatches victory Harry Kane's header at the back post from a corner in the 88th minute saw Tottenham finally break down Crystal Palace away from home.


“Allah Haw naxariisto Faarax, Wuxuu ahaa Ciyaartoy wanaagsan” – Shaadhay

Ruug caddaaga ciyaaraha kubadda Kolayga Axmed Cismaan Diiriye (Shaadhay), ayaa ka hadlay geerida naxdinta leh ee ku timid Allah haw naxariistee Faarax Bashiir Kaahiye oo maanta ku geeriyooday Hargeysa.

 Shaadhay oo la soo xidhiidhay shabakadda ciyaaraha ee Cadalool waxa uu tacsi tiiraanyo leh u diray qoyskii iyo qaraabadii uu ka baxay marxuumku, waxaanu Allah uga baryey inuu naxariistii Janno ka waraabiyo, ehelkana Samir iyo iimaan ka siiyo.

 Axmed Cismaan waxa uu tilmaamay in Faarax uu ka mid ahaa xiddigaha ugu wanaagsan kubadda kolayga Hargeysa sannadihii u dambeeyey, sidoo kalena ahaa hormoodka dhallinyarada iyo aqoon-yahan.

“Allah haw naxariisto Faarax. Waxay ahayd geeri naxdin leh.” Sidaas ayuu yidhi Shaadhay, waxaanu intaa ku daray: “Waxa uu ka mid ahaa ciyaartoyga ugu wanaagsan kubadda kolayga ee aan arkay 10-kii sannadood ee ugu dambeeyey. Akhlaaq wanaagsan, kubbad wanaagsan iyo aqoon ayuu lahaa. Xaqa ayaa haleelay e Allah haw naxariisto.”

Ciyaartoyga kubadda kolayga ee ku ciyaara garoomada Tima-cadde iyo Jigjiga yar oo iyaguna la soo xidhiidhay Cadalool ayaa waxay tacsi tiiraanyo leh u direen ehelka iyo qaraabada uu ka baxay Marxuum Faarax, waxaana ay Allah uga baryeen inuu Jannatul fardowsa geeyo.



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Xigasho Cadalool